Carpenter and Langford, P.C.: Your Financial Friends for Life

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Carpenter and Langford, P.C. has been serving the accounting, tax and financial analysis needs of our clients for more than 20 years. We work on behalf of both individuals and businesses, and, over the years, we’ve honed our proficiencies across a broad range of industries. And. whether it´s resolving a simple bookkeeping issue, providing counsel on matters of accountancy or handling complex tax filings, we offer time-tested expertise and proven solutions. Our staff of accountants and advisors ensure that our clients meet all U.S. record-keeping and filing requirements for doing business and for paying personal or corporate taxes. We also keep abreast of the most recent change to the tax code and reporting procedures, enabling us to help clients maximize profits and after-tax income.

We take the work we do very seriously. What we do is vital to the financial well-being of our clients. Yet we started the firm with more than business rigor in mind. We also founded Carpenter and Langford, P.C. with the idea that relationships matter. Our staff is personable. Our offices welcoming. We offer outstanding accounting and tax services, and we do so while cultivating open, trusting relationships with our clients – most of whom have been with us for years and years. Really getting to know each of our clients and building lasting relationships with them helps us serve them better. What’s more, it alleviates the stress and anxiety people so often feel when dealing with their finances and tax issues. That´s a win win.

We realize that choosing the right CPA is an important decision. We believe we make it an easy one.